How many times have you balanced a squirmy baby on your hip while desperately digging around in your diaper bag looking for your keys or wallet? Adero is a new smart organization system that promises to spare you that search.

Using a system of Smart Tags, Taglets and a simple to use app, the Adero system can help you keep track of the items in your bag and not only help you find them when you need them, but also alert you if they go missing. The smartphone app can also be set up to remind you to grab what you need before you leave the house. You’ll never find yourself at the checkout line with a cart full of groceries and no wallet again.

Simply place the Smart Tag inside your diaper bag or purse and then attach the Taglets to the items you can’t leave home without, like your wipes case, or the pouch with your spare pacifier. Is your tyke always leaving their lunchbox behind? You can even set up the system in their backpack to make sure it comes home every day.

Once you’ve set up the Taglets, those items can “communicate” with your bag and together they can be tracked at your fingertips with the app. You can also use the app to set up specific event-based reminders. For example, you could gear up your kid’s baseball bag with the tags to make sure you don’t get all the way to the field for practice before you realize you left it behind.

The tags have rechargeable batteries that last up to two months on a single charge and they are equipped with adhesive that is made to withstand any jostling, even the kids tossing their backpacks around.

The Adero Starter kit sells for $119.99 and comes with three Smart Tags, Taglets, Smart Tag Adhesive Cases, key rings, lanyards and one Smart Tag charger. A Deluxe Kit with five Smart Tags and nine Taglets will be available soon.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Adero



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