Convenience rules. Between work, carpool, preschool pick-up, soccer, dance class, karate, story-time, grocery shopping, finding your toddler’s other shoe and everything else that happens daily, you just don’t have time for those little extras. Don’t stress mama. With these creative solutions it looks like a few major brands want to make every parents life easier—in the kitchen.

So forget about the hard work (or any work at all, for that matter) and check out these not-so-much-effort-required products.

Mac & Cheese in a Can

No time to boil water? Heinz’s Mac & Cheese in a can is here to take the sting out of that obnoxious wait time. While the product isn’t exactly new, you can stock up on the dinnertime essential on Amazon that boasts a creamy cheese sauce, and would likely make a great camping meal.

Stuffed Puffs

Is stacking a marshmallow, one piece of chocolate and two graham crackers together just way too much work? While sandwiching the sweetest part of a s’more may seem like child’s play (pretty literally), it looks like the makers of Stuffed Puffs chocolate-in-the-middle marshmallows might not agree.

Dessert Toppers

Forget about crinkling up your own candy bar to top your kiddo’s ice cream sundae. With Butterfinger Bits and Buncha Crunch, you can add extra sweetness with a simple pour. Add if opening a box of Nerds is too much of a time-suck, you can simply pour out the dessert toppers!

Spoonable Smoothies

Yum in a bowl! Dole’s Spoonable Smoothies are here and they make breakfast (or a snack) super-crazy-easy. With Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Banana flavors, now you can make your very own on-trend smoothie bowl—without having to mix, blend or do anything more than lift a spoon.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Sara Dubler via Unsplash



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