When it comes to snacks, it’s time to put down the goldfish and check out a bunch of subscription services that will bring treats—whatever your preference, be it sans gluten, nut free, or just plain good—straight to your door. We’ve done the legwork, and found 12 of the best snack delivery options. Flip through the slideshow below to find one that fits your needs.


If you want to ditch the packaged snacks, then Thistle is the snack service for you. Every plant-based bite is made with organic ingredients, from the cold-pressed juices to the muffins, hummus and more. There are even cookie dough bars! 

Online: thistle.co

photo: SnackSack


You can choose between the classic sack, the vegan sack or the gluten-free sack when you pick your subscription plan from SnackSack. Plus, you won't find any junk in your snacks, because everything (about 11-15 items) from SnackSack are USDA organic, Non-GMO project and fair trade verified.

Price point: $22.95 per month (for the classic. Prices vary for each box). Options range from pay-as-you-go to 3, 6 and 12 month pre-paid plans.

Online:  snacksack.com

The Big Box

We can't decide what we like best about the Degusta box: the fact that'll each delivery contains a surprising array of snacks, some of which might not even be the shelves yet, or the fact that all of the snacks, sauces, and beverages are full-size servings.

Extra credit: You can add reviews and share your opinion about each item on the Degusta website.

Price point: $19.99/per month. Shipping is free and you can cancel at any time.

Online: degustabox.com.


Urth Box takes healthy snacking seriously. Choose between different options like classic, gluten-free and vegan, and then select a size: casual, part-time, happy or pro snacker. The snacks range from fruit and nuts to juices, chocolates, and super foods, and there’s an emphasis on non-GMO, all-natural and organic ingredients.

Extra Credit: Look for the skin and hair care samples and other goodies that make their way into the box as well!

Price Point: $19.95/month with price breaks if you sign up for three or more months at a time.

Online: urthbox.com

GREAT Kids Snacks

GREAT Kids Snacks was founded by a health-conscious dad who wanted to help parents eliminate the stress of finding healthy snacks for their kids. Every month, a carefully selected assortment of organic and all-natural items arrives at your door; the kids can try everything, decide what they like and then parents even can order in bulk. There’s a 20 pack, a 30 pack, and a gluten-free pack, which comes with 30 different options. Delivery is always free.

Extra Credit: Many of the items are well-known snacks kids love—think GoGo Squeez Applesauce, Smart Pop, Matt’s Munchies—and other are new products that they may not have had the chance to try before.

Price Point: $29.99 and month and up.

Online: greatkidssnacks.com


Imagine being able to toss an on-the-go snack to your kids and know it’s filled with wholesome ingredients. When you sign up for a delivery from Bestowed, each product delivered to your front door has already been vetted by Heather Bauer, Bestowed's founder and registered dietician.

Price Point: $24.95/a month with price breaks if you sign up for three months or more.

Extra Credit: Bestowed has an extensive online catalog of the food and snacks sent in monthly boxes. You can check out which ones have earned the coveted Bestowed Certified Seal, and view different categories like good for kids, allergies, gluten-free and more.

Online: bestowed.com  

Universal Yums

If you’ve got a global foodie at home, then Universal Yums is a perfect snack match. Each month, an assortment of nibbles and sweets from a featured country will arrive at your front door. Opt between the Yum Box which has just six snacks in each box, or the Yum Yum Box, which includes 12 or more.

Price Point: $14 per month and up.

Extra Credit: You’ll also receive a booklet filled with fun and educational activities for the whole family. There’s a detailed description of every snack in the box, a playlist you can stream online, geography games and a clue you must solve in order to discover the next month’s snack destination.

Online: universalyums.com

Love with Food

You’ll find all-natural and many organic picks amongst the over 100 options in the Love Food pantry. Add individual snacks from their shop to your basket or subscribe to their grab bag-style box for a monthly curated surprise! Snacks can be sorted to include non-GMO, dairy free, nut free, and more from their shop.

Price point: $10 to $17; gluten-free boxes from $25.

Extra Credit: The company donates a meal to a food bank for every snack box it sells; so far it has donated more than 1,000,000 meals—now that's happy eating!

Online: lovewithfood.com

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts is a snack box service that sends, yup, vegan snacks. There are 10 or more goodies in every box, and most are also gluten-free. There’s a mix of full and sample size snacks, you can cancel anytime, and every box ships free everywhere in the U.S. Look for yummy stuff like dark chocolate peanut butter cups, fig bars, and veggie chips.

Price Point: $22.95 a month with price breaks if you order three or more months at a time.

Extra Credit: Want more vegan products? Vegan Cuts also offers beauty, lifestyle and fashion boxes.

Online: vegancuts.com

Nature Box

Create your own boxes from more than 120 nutritionist-approved snacks, including sweet, savory and spicy picks. New, kid-friendly options like mini peanut butter oatmeal cookies and crunchy BBQ twists are added each month and more than 70 snacks are gluten-conscious and vegan.

Price Point: $19.95/month with price breaks if you sign up for three or more months at a time.

Extra Credit: NatureBox donates a meal for each box it delivers through the non-profit Feeding America.

Online: naturebox.com


With every snack delivery, Mouth serves up sweet and salty treats made with top-notch ingredients. Imagine yummy things like artisanal bacon popcorn, kale chips, and triple ginger cookies, all sourced from purveyors located across the country. Family favorite options include Popcorn Every Month, Cookies Every Month and Snacks Every Month.

Price point: $180/three month subscriptions

Extra Credit: Mouth is all about what dubs “indie food.” Translation: pretty packages, small-batch, and yep, a little spendy. This option is best for kids that savor single-origin chocolate and their parents, who might want to sneak a pound of small-batch coffee and a bottle of bourbon into the family snack order.

Online: mouth.com


A bento-esque “nibble box” with several compartments filled with any of more than 90 natural snacks, including granola bars made with rolled oats and various dips and “dippers.” Before placing an order, kids can rate whether they “like,” “love,” or “want to try” food, and the staff creates a box based on what kiddos want to eat. Snacks are also divided into various categories: source of protein, source of fiber, sugar count and more. Chances are the snickerdoodle dip will be on their love list.

Price point: $13.99 per week.

Extra Credit: Graze makes all of its own snacks, nixing pre-packaged crackers and trail mix for treats.

Online: graze.com

Have you ever tried a food delivery box? Share with us in a comment below. 

—Gabby Cullen & Sara Billups

All photos courtesy retailers



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