The biggest meals of the year are served up on Thanksgiving and Christmas––and those with food allergies often miss out when it comes to digging in. But thanks to San Diego’s bountiful array of bakeries specializing in gluten-free goodies from pumpkin scones, stuffing, rolls and breads to apple pie, gingerbread cookies and eggnog poundcake, pleasing gluten-free diners will be easy as pie! Scroll through our slideshow to see where to score delectable, all-inclusive delights this holiday season.

Starry Lane Bakery

Gluten-free families are over-the-moon for Starry Lane Bakery’s relocation and expansion in Hillcrest. This dedicated facility, free of all of the top food allergens, is a hit and now there’s even more to love. The bakery carries 10 different cupcake flavors daily as well as scones, tortes, cinnamon rolls and whole cakes on the weekends. For the holidays they’ll have traditional apple and pumpkin pies and dinner rolls. We think the savory stuffing mix alone is worth a trip in.

If you have a kid with allergies, make a special day out and enjoy their warm, welcoming atmosphere and a children's table filled with crayons, books and board games. Since they uphold strict policies against any outside food or drink, you’ll feel comfortable knowing everyone can eat safely without cross contamination.

Insider tips: Call to order holiday pies, specially decorated cupcakes and sugar cookies the week prior to the holiday. Sign up for their email list to get coupons delivered to your inbox.

3925 4th Ave.
San Diego Ca 92103
Phone: 619-328-0500

photo: Starry Lane Bakery Facebook page

Where do you buy your gluten-free holiday goodies? Let us know in the comments!

––Cherie Gough