Kick afternoons up a notch: let little learners blow-off some steam with these too cool for school—afternoon classes. From skateboarding and soccer to trampoline and jazz-moves we searched San Diego County and came up with new and interesting ways for terrific tots to explore their imaginations, jump, spin, craft and play. Scroll down to get the details.

skateboard_cc_daryl_via_creativecommonsphoto: Daryl via flickr

1. Skateboard Lessons, Encinitas
Learn to ride, a skateboard that is. The Magdalena Ecke skate park has lessons for even the littlest riders.

When: On-going

Ages: 3-5

Cost: $86/month

Magdalena Ecke YMCA Skate Park
Encinitas, Ca
760-942-9622 (ext. 1038)

2. Mad Science
Ignite future chemists love of science and explode their curiosity with these hands-on science experiments.

When: Weekdays

Ages: Kindergarten to 6th grade

Cost: $84.95 for 6 classes

San Diego County Elementary Schools
(various locations)

3. Gym Plus, 4S Ranch
Not only do you get a little downtime, you’re tumbling tots get to run, jump and climb.

When: Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 1:30-2:00 p.m.

Ages: 2 1/2 to 6 years

Cost: $110/month (one class)

Gyminny Kids
17022 Camino San Bernardo
San Diego, Ca

gymnastics_Dan_Hatton_via_creativecommonsphoto: Dan Hatton via flickr

4. Zumba Kids, North County Inland
It’s time to Zumba—for kids. Let’s wiggle our hips and jazz-up the afternoon.

When: Weekdays

Ages: 4 & up

Cost: $99 for 10 classes

Poway & Carmel Mountain Ranch Elementary Schools
(various locations)

5. Blossom Music Tree, Encinitas
Shake, rattle and roll to the music at this first steps in music class.

When: Thurs., 3:30-4:30 pm

Ages: 4-6 years

Cost: $165 for 8 classes ($20 registration fee)

617 Saxony Place, Ste. 104
Encinitas, Ca

art_panchiskids_websitephoto: Panchis Art Studio

6. Panchis Art Studio, Liberty Station
Spark budding Picasso’s imaginations using different materials to create outside of the box art.

When: Mon., 2:00-3:00 p.m., (3-4 years); Tues. or Thurs., 4:30-5:30 p.m., (5-10 years)

Cost: $120 for 4 classes

2820 Roosevelt Rd.
Bldg. 201, Ste. 102
San Diego, Ca

7. Flying and Floor Fundamentals, San Diego
Swinging sweeties can learn the basics of flying through the air in this Cirque de Soleil-style beginners class.

When: Tues., 4-5 p.m.

Ages: 5-7

Cost: $80 for 4 weeks

De Leon Dynamics
12335 World Trade Drive, St. 8
San Diego, Ca


8. Playful Yoga, Hillcrest
If I was a Bird Yoga teaches even the tiniest tots. Playful upbeat dancing fun, yet it follows the format of a yoga class.

When: Daily Classes with levels and different time slots. (Check website.)

Ages: 3-5

Cost: $15/first trial class. Rates vary by class/packages.

Uptown Regency Center
1040 University Ave., #B20

9. Trampoline and Tumbling, Miramar
Little ones love to bounce and roll in this after-school fun fest.

When: various times

Ages: 3-5

Cost: $74/month

Flip Force San Diego
9282 Miramar Road
San Diego, Ca

Give the Gift of Soccer Ages 2-10 yearsphoto: Soccer Shots

10. Soccer Shots, East County
Score a goal and run-around, wee kickers learn the basics of soccer at various east county elementary schools. Practice and play!

When: Weekdays

Ages: 4 & up

Cost: $180 (Sept.-Dec.)

East County Elementary Schools
(various locations)

What’s your favorite after-school kids class? Share it with us below.

—Nikki Walsh