Bedtime at home is so old school. This spring and summer, mix it up the routine and give your tribe an experience they’ll never forget. Some of San Diego’s coolest kid-friendly hot spots are hosting a range of sleepovers that will have your kiddos telling everyone about how they caught some z’s while lions roared or fighter jets sat overhead. Pack the sleeping bags and make a reservation for these fun adventures.

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Photo: Jim Schwartz via Flickr Creative Commons

Roar & Snore Sleepover at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Ready to sleep while hearing lions roar and elephants snore? The San Diego Zoo Safari Park hosts all-ages sleepovers perfect for families to have a night under the stars getting close to their amazing wildlife. As the sun sets, check out an after-hours look at the Safari Park’s animals, take part in a guided tour and then settle back for dinner and chats by the campfire. This sleepover has been rated one of the best zoo experiences around the country, so you know you are in for a good time. You can choose from a standard or glamping tent, and be sure to pack your own sleeping bag, towel and a trusty flashlight. All food and drinks are provided by the Safari Park including dinner, an evening snack and breakfast. Kiddos ages 3 and up are welcome to attend and prices start at $140 per person per night, plus admission costs.

San Diego Safari Park
15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd.
Escondido, Ca 92027

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Photo: Carlinellis via Flickr Creative Commons

Catch Some Z’s Under the Sea
Say good night while you sleep with some of the most majestic creatures of the sea at Sea World. The park hosts a range of sleepovers for scouts, school groups and families (including the upcoming Father’s Day event). Sleepovers are held in the Wild Arctic attraction where you’ll get some shut eye while beluga whales and walruses swim right over you. Activities include checking out Sea World’s animals after hours and have a kid-friendly pasta dinner at Shipwreck Jungle. As morning breaks, you’ll be able to have breakfast then take in a full day of fun in the park. Sea lovers ages four and up are welcome to join in the fun. Bring your own sleeping bag or air mattress (you’ll be sleeping on a concrete floor).

Sea World
500 Sea World Dr.
San Diego, Ca 92109

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Photo: Brian Moore via Flickr Creative Commons

Sleep After Dark in the Park at The Serra Museum
Take a journey back in time at the historic site where California began at this “after dark in the park” program. The San Diego History Center offers family groups with 12 or more a fun-filled sleepover at their Serra Museum in Presido Park. You’ll take a special hike learning about the four cultures who lived here centuries ago. There’s a themed meal with storytelling and dress to keep everyone entertained, and then a flashlight tour around the tower will ensure that a good nights sleep is earned. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, toothbrush and warm pyjamas. Prices start at $65 per person for San Diego History Center members and $75 for non-members. If you’re thinking of doing this in the summer, it’s best to book now as the warm months fill up quickly.

Serra Museum
2727 Presidio Dr.
San Diego, Ca 92103

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Photo: Bennilover via Flickr Creative Commons

Get Ship Shape at a Sleepover on the Star Of India
The Maritime Museum of San Diego lets San Diego sea farers ages 5 and up the chance to have a historical sleep over aboard their 1863 tall ship: the Star of India. You’ll experience what life was really like way back in time. Participate in raising the sails, moving cargo, seeing parts of the ship not open to the public, and eating dinner under the stars. As bedtime nears, you’ll retire to the tween deck (that’s ship speak for the deck just below the upper deck) to catch some shut eye in your sleeping bag. The Maritime Museum host these events only a few times a year, with the next event on June 25. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag, toothbrush, plastic bowl, knife, fork and a trash bag to take your trash with you.  Dinner and breakfast are included, but you’ll need to bring your own snacks. Prices are $75 per person and this doesn’t include parking, which is metered on street (but is free after 8 p.m.)

The Maritime Museum of San Diego
1492 N Harbor Dr.
San Diego, Ca 92101
(619) 234-9153

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Photo: Michael Del La Paz via Flickr Creative Commons

Go On an Overnight Adventure on the USS Midway
Experience life as a Midway sailor aboard one of San Diego’s most famous naval ships, the USS Midway. Open to families with kids ages six and up, this sleepover gives you all-access aboard the ship. You’ll be able to grab a flashlight and go on a behind the scenes tour, then learn how to fly in the Midways Flight Academy, and check out the flight deck under the stars. Mini sailors will sleep in crew beds and eat Navy chow for dinner and breakfast. Prices are $100 per person for USS Midway Museum members and $125 for non-members. Beds are provided, but you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Outside food is not permitted on the ship unless you have food allergies. Sleep overs for scouts, religious groups and school tours are hosted regularly. Families should take note of the annual family sleep over in July.

USS Midway
910 N Harbor Dr.
San Diego, Ca 92101

Do you have a favorite sleepover event in San Diego?  Let us know in the comments below!

– Lenya McGrath