Ready or not here it comes: back-to-school (and you’re it!). Whatever grade your little learner is about to step into we’ve got some organizational tips and tricks from San Diego’s most savvy moms. They dished to us about how they streamline morning time and their best back-to-school hacks for a successful new school year.

school_cc_bridgetcoila_via_creativecommonsphoto: Bridget Coila via creative commons

1. Be a night ninja. Get ready the night before. Pack lunches, makes sure backpacks are by the door, pick out outfits, so school mornings flow easily.

2. Pack a lunch they’ll eat. Packing a healthy lunch is easy; getting them to eat it (not so easy). Ask your little diner what they want in their lunch (or just use your Jedi powers of observation to pack what you know they like.) Then, make it a little healthier.

3. Snack it up. Need a little help thinking up easy-to-do good-for-you snacks? Pop on over to Laura’s list of 20 healthy school snacks.

4. The rude awakening. Inch back bedtime as school approaches says Tiffany over at the Queen B Life. Kids need to get enough sleep and be up and alert for the start of school.

school_cc_elizabeth_via_creativecommonsphoto: Elizabeth via creative commons

5. Create a landing pad. San Diego Mom Chelsea lets us in on how she keeps her family sane and organized. Use hooks, baskets (whatever works) to keep madness to a minimum and have an easy exit in the morning.

6. Don’t forget your John Hancock. Have a special folder in kids binders to place papers that need your signature.

7. Wait to buy sweaters and jackets. Gigi at Kludgy Mom says that San Diego weather starts to get cooler in October (and even then you still can wear shorts), so wait, and prices will drop.

8. Bins are key. Find a shelf in your fridge to put two or three bins and load them with grabbable grub (think string cheese and fruit bags) for easy lunch packing. Mark them hands-off for snacking.

firstdayschool_cc_woodleywonderworks_via_creativecommonsphoto: Woodley via creative commons

9. Add a cute lunch note. Not feeling clever in the mornings? Megan’s easy to print lunch notes let your littles know you’re thinking of them.

10. Hit up Pinterest. Homeschooling Mom Tara over at A Spectacled Owl finds it a go-to for organizational ideas.

11. Make school fun! The time will fly quickly and you want to look back on it with a smile.

What is your back to school hack? Let us know below.

—Nikki Walsh