Back-to-school shopping doesn’t always have to involve strapping the kids in the cart and pushing it through the aisles of Target hoping to get out with school supplies in hand (and kids in one piece). What if we told you there’s an easy way to find adorable clothes at great prices, and your little ones can actually play in the store while you shop? Talk about a back-to-school deal of the century! Click through the slideshow to see our picks for getting the little ones looking cool for school.

Hillside Artisans Children’s Boutique

For those looking for a blend of boutique level clothing at thrift store prices, Hillside Artisans Children's Boutique is the perfect retail store. Their helpful sales associates are sure to help your little one find a trendy outfit or two. And the boutique offers almost everything you will need for back to school shopping, including art supplies, clothes, shoes, and even lunch boxes.

Not only does this boutique feature a great play area for kiddos while you shop, but it is also located right across the road from a coffee shop. Shoppers are welcome to grab a cup of coffee, let the kids play, and shop for back to school items at their leisure. Back to school shopping has never been easier- or tastier!

827 West Washington St.
San Diego, Ca 92103

Photo Credit: Hillside Artisans Children's Boutique Facebook Page

Where are your favorite spots for back to school shopping? Tell us where we should check out next!

— Bryn Wied