“Gelato” may be Italian for ice cream, but don’t be fooled into believing they’re the same! Gelato is smoother, denser and more intensely flavored than its American cousin. Classic flavors include chocolate, pistachio and stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate shavings), but you can also try variations like panna cotta and strawberry basil. So gather the famiglia and scroll through our guide to see where to ‘ciao’ down on this Italian treat. Your taste buds will say “Grazie!”

Gelato Vero Caffe

A list of great gelato spots has to include a stop in Little Italy. Gelato Vero has been around for 30 years and they know how to do gelato right! Secret recipes and fresh ingredients ensure classic flavors like spumoni (amaretto, hazelnuts and cherries), pistachio and raspberry are to die for!

Gelato Vero Caffe
3753 India St.
San Diego, Ca 92103
Online: gelatoverocaffe.com

Photo: Gelato Vero Caffe via Facebook

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––Michelle Franklin