If you live in San Diego where sun, sand and surf are words heard year round, chances are you have a few surf enthusiasts on your shopping list this holiday season. From gremmies (slang for surfer kids) to adults we’ve got you covered with totally rad gifts from local San Diego surf shops. Click through the slideshow to see the surfer goods we’ve highlighted. Surf’s up!

For Infant and Toddler Surfers

First they crawl, then they walk, and before you know it they'll be whipping through the waves. These adorable newborn gift sets from local surf shop Surfer Baby help infants and toddlers look the part right from day one.  The back of the hoodie says "Surfer Girls Rule" and we couldn't agree more. Surfer dudes have their own version.

Available at Surfer Baby for $59.95.

Do you have any surfers on your list? We’d love to hear about your favorite local surf shops and surfing gear.

— Aimee Della Bitta

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