Books take us on adventures that help our imaginations soar beyond our everyday lives. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s the perfect time to teach kids about loving the planet and reminding them that they can take care of Mother Earth in so many ways. What better gift for your kiddo this Earth Day than a book that teaches them to be stewards for mother nature and empowers them to make a difference with their small hands every day? We’ve found heartwarming fiction and nonfiction gems paired up with real-life outings to help you explore nature with your kids. Click through the slideshow for a fun exploration, where reading and adventure go side by side.

Learn About Energy

Read This: The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge, by Joanna Cole, illustrated by Bruce Degen

Part of the popular series, Ms. Frizzle takes her class on a magic bus ride to the Arctic where they encounter melting icecap. The book tackles the complex topic of climate change with tons of accurate facts told in easy to grasp, kid-friendly language and answers questions like what is the greenhouse effect? The Friz introduces ways that kids and their families can make choices to make a positive difference and protect the earth from climate change.

Do This: Ever watched your kids and thought, "If only I had their energy?" The Boundless Energy exhibit at Birch Aquarium will take your kids' crazy, jump-on-the-couch energy and show them how strong it really is. Pedal a bike and move water through a fountain, make waves and explore how wave energy can be harnessed,  or power a mechanical fish with solar energy. This exhibit has plenty of hands-on experiences for kids that will keep them busy while you have a seat on a bench made from recycled materials and take in the gorgeous view. Inside, the Feeling The Heat exhibit reminds us how we can make smart choices every day to save energy, and gives good examples of how to reduce our global footprint.

Extra Credit: Buy energy efficient lightbulbs and replace old ones in your house. Challenge the kids to turn off the lights every time they leave a room to save energy.

Photo: Texas G. Via Yelp

What’s your favorite book that celebrates the earth? Do you have fun activities you do as a family?

— Cherie Gough