If your little ones seem to have so much energy that they’re (literally) bouncing off the walls, maybe it’s time to help them burn some of that energy by having them climb walls instead. Solid Rock Climbing Gym is a great place to get your kids engaged in a sport while making sure they’ll wear themselves out in time for bed.

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What’s In Store For Climbers
Solid Rock has three separate climbing gyms, located in Poway, San Marcos and Old Town, making it easily accessible for just about anyone willing to take a crack at one of the crags in town. Each rock climbing gym comes equipped with its own set of routes, which are switched out three times a year to keep your kids from feeling bored.

They have a combined 115 top ropes (which you’ll learn all about while you’re there), separate areas that mimic outdoor environments like rocky arches and caves, as well as four bouldering areas for your little would-be monkey to hang on. Your kiddo can climb regularly for up to four months without ever repeating a route!

Solid Rock Gym also offers birthday parties for kiddos. What better place to have a birthday party than one where all of your kids’ little friends can climb all over stuff and get away with it? The kids will be under supervision by a dedicated instructor to ensure their safety. You’ll also receive the use of rental gear, one half hour to use the party area and two hours of climbing time for the tots. Food and drinks are not provided, but you’re welcome to bring a cake or order a pizza for delivery to the gym.

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For the Scouts
Solid Rock Gym also offers great programs for Boy Scout and Girls Scouts. To earn the Indoor Rock Climbing Patch, scouts participate in a single, two-hour session where they learn the basics of climbing, including equipment usage and the importance of communication in climbing. Scouts receive their very own embroidered Indoor Rock Climbing Patch upon completion of the program.

They also offer the Boy Scout Merit Badge Program. Kids learn the important safety techniques needed to climb effectively and without danger, and focus on the importance of teamwork during two separate, two-hour sessions with their instructor.

Girls Scouts can also earn the Adventure Sports Badge in a program designed specifically to meet the badge requirements. A dedicated instructor will explain climbing history, environments and fun skills such as knot tying, rappelling and your daughter will be taken through a challenging, exciting obstacle course. It lasts two sessions, each session being two hours long.

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San Marcos
922 Rancheros Dr.
San Marcos, Ca 92069
(760) 480-1429

Old Town
2074 Hancock St.
San Diego, Ca 92110
(619) 299-1124
13026 Stowe Dr.
Poway, Ca 92064
(858) 748-9011
Online: solidrockgym.com
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– Ben Kerns