It’s more important than ever to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and support local farmers via a CSA San Diego program. (CSA stands for: Community Supported Agriculture). What’s more, you can skip the grocery store by ordering a CSA box in San Diego. It’s simple: just choose the CSA box that best meets your needs from the farms below, and they’ll either deliver it to you or tell you where to pick it up! Read on for 15 San Diego CSA farms that we think are the cream of the crop!

Yasukochi Family Farms

Yasukochi Family Farms has been around since 1927! You can enjoy the fruits of this farm's labor via one of their beautiful and abundantly healthy CSA boxes, available with a subscription or a one-time box. Each box contains farm fresh produce grown using responsible farming methods. The majority is freshly picked and grown by Yasukochi Family Farms located in Oceanside. Boxes can be delivered weekly to your home or business and they contain 11-15 different seasonal produce items. You can add items including berries, sweet corn, eggs, seasonal fruits, honey and jam to your order.

Cost: From $25/box
Time frame: Visit website to schedule a subscription or a one-time box option to determine your delivery date.
Pick-up & Delivery: Available throughout San Diego


Carlsbad Strawberry Company

While Carlsbad Strawberry Farm is one of our favorite places for u-pick strawberries, they're now also offering bountiful produce boxes brimming with fresh-picked fruits and veggies. Each box contains a hearty variety which may include cucumbers, bell peppers and broccoli to blackberries, grapefruit and strawberries. For a small extra fee you can add-on items such as avocados, salsas, chocolate milk, guacamole, a mixed flower bouquet and so much more.

Cost: From $25/box
Time frame: Warehouse hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.
Pick-up & Delivery: Free delivery to Carlsbad residents, or curbside pick-up at their Carlsbad warehouse.


Daily Harvest Express

Their tagline is: "locally grown and delivered to your front door." What's better than that? This San Diego-grown, natural and organic produce garnered from a variety of farms comes with flexible options to suit your needs. You can build a box by selecting from several options of fruits and veggies that change based on availability and what's in season, or you can opt for the "farm box" in which you get a variety of farm fresh produce selected for you. You even get choices in that category too––choosing between options like a "fresh produce snack box" and a "fruit and veggie farm box." You also pick how frequent you'd like a delivery and you can add-on selections like mandarins, bananas, cheese and eggs, butter, baked goods, granola and much more.

Cost: From $28/box
Time frame: Available in 3 delivery interval options or as no subscription.
Pick-up & Delivery: Free delivery locally with $30 box order.


Sage Mountain Farm

Extra goodies to add-in? If you want to round-out your CSA box with items like honey and eggs, then give this CSA box a try. A small box contains 8 to 10 organically-grown fruits, veggies and herbs and a large box has 8 to 12 fruits, veggies and herbs. With pick-up or delivery all over San Diego County and a choice of a small or large box with fruits and veggies, you have options.

Cost: From $34/box
Time Frame: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Pick-up & Delivery: Locations throughout San Diego

55520 Hwy 371
Anza, CA 92539

Good Neighbor Gardens

Want to mix it up? From beets, peppers and eggplant to herbs, flowers and melon, this CSA box offers variety for your crew. In each box expect a mix of 12 to 16 same-day harvested fruits and veggies. All food is locally grown and pesticide-free. Even more, if you head to their website you can find cool recipes from raw and vegan pumpkin bliss balls to cucumber lime paletas. Order now!

Cost: $60/month
Time Frame: bi-weekly delivery
Pick-up & Delivery: To your door

South Bay Terraces
San Diego, CA 92139

photo: Be Wise Ranch

Be Wise Ranch

Turn over a new leaf. Make roasted eggplant dip from this CSA's farm fresh veggies. Farmer Bill Brammer is a pioneer in organic farming. He was talking organic before everyone else. Be Wise CSA boxes contain a variety of greens along with oranges or strawberries (or other seasonal fruit). You'll pay for several CSA boxes up-front which goes to support the farm.

Cost: $30/box
Time Frame: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Pick-up: Locations throughout San Diego

20505 San Pasqual Rd.
Escondido, CA 92025

photo: JR Organics Farm

JR Organics Farm

You’ll dig that this farm’s been around since the 1950’s and welcomes your family to visit. Little farmers will be all ears at the seasonal farm events. This organic CSA box has a mix of fruits and veggies (expect juicy strawberries when in season.) A nice touch is they provide recipes featuring the weekly selection of produce in their boxes via their website. Bonus: they have home delivery in North County.

Cost: From $28.50/box
Time Frame: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Pick-up: Locations throughout San Diego

31030 Rodriguez Rd.
Escondido, CA 92026

photo: Eli’s Farm

Eli’s Farm

You'll use everything from this deliciously curated CSA box. From carrots and artichokes to spinach and raspberries, the selection changes with the seasons. Sustainably-grown, you'll find this produce has no GMOs, no waxes and no preservatives. Plus, there's only a month-to-month commitment and a smaller box if you choose.

Cost: $15-$30/box
Time Frame: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Pick-up: Locations throughout San Diego. Plus delivery in some areas.

2929 E. Mission Rd.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

photo: Stehly Organic Farm

Stehly Organic Farm

Guac this way and get this CSA box for your family with avocados (and citrus) year-round. Talk about farm-fresh: Stehly picks their certified organic fruits and vegetables early in the morning for delivery to you by the afternoon. Orange you glad we let you know?

Cost: $32/small box; $40/large box
Time Frame: Weekly
Pick-up: Locations throughout San Diego

12630 Santa Catalina Rd.
Valley Center, CA 92082

Solidarity Farm

A local gem in Pauma Valley has a solid CSA box and you can add-in eggs, citrus, strawberry jam and local organic extra virgin olive oil. Try out their fresh five with home delivery in Central San Diego and Valley Center which offers items like kale, strawberries, salad mix, radish and micro greens. Also, there’s no commitment to try it out.

Cost: $15 for Fresh Five (order online)

P.O. Box 845
Pauma Valley CA 92061

photo: Dickinson Organic Farm

Dickinson Organic Farm

If there's never enough 'thyme' to shop for fresh fruits, veggies and herbs, get a CSA box from this urban farm in National City. Owned by a veteran and organically grown, these crops are top notch in taste and wholesomeness. Just pop online and place your order.

Cost: From $40/box
Time Frame: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Delivery throughout San Diego

1430 E. 24th St.
National City, CA 91950

Farm Fresh To You

Fruit only? Snack pack? Bring on the veggies? This CSA will cater to your every whim. From organic pears, apples and grapefruit to organic carrots, avocados and lettuce, there’s plenty to choose from that fits your family’s taste. Even more, finish out your shopping list by adding eggs, milk, bread, cookies and more. Check out this CSA now.

Cost: From $27.50/box
Time Frame: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Delivery throughout San Diego



Mix-it up! This CSA box pools from several different local farms and offers a good balance of fruits and veggies. Vacuum packed eco-friendly boxes ensure freshness and include freshly harvested produce. All farmers use natural agents.

Cost: $30-$35/box; 10-week commitment
Time Frame: Weekly
Pick-up: A few spots throughout San Diego; plus delivery along route

San Diego, CA

photo: Seabreeze Organic Farm

Seabreeze Organic Farm

Keep your options open when you buy a share in this local organic farm. From fruit or veggie only CSA boxes to opting for the juicing share filled with seasonal produce, you can customize your order. And with fast service and delivery to your home, it's so convenient. You'll enjoy garden fresh, juicy and healthy food.

Cost: $16-$65/box, plus one-time $25 membership fee
Time Frame: Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
Pick-up: At farm or delivery to home or office

3909 Arroyo Sorrento Rd.
San Diego, CA 92130

Nopalito Farm & Hopyard

Nopalito Farm & Hopyard recently rolled out their CSA fruit program. Even more, they overhauled the distribution of the fruit. They want to provide the community with healthy, nutritious produce in a safe, physical-contact free way to ensure sustainability for the farm and health and safety for you. Operated by the Brownwood Family, this 8 acre certified organic farm located near Escondido produces hops, avocados, lemons and other fruits and vegetables, as well as serving San Diego county's brewing industry and several bars and restaurants.

Two pick-up locations: a home in North Park, and the Royale restaurant in Ocean Beach.

Castlecrest Dr.
Valley Center, CA 92082


––Nikki Walsh & Beth Shea

Featured photo: Yasukochi Family Farms


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