The kids have gone back to school and you’re (quietly) doing a happy dance. Why not kick up your heels and hit the town with your partner to celebrate? There’s no need to book a babysitter for these day-dates that can be enjoyed before the end of day school bell rings. Whether you’re a foodie, party animal, wave maker or beach lover, scroll through our list of playdates for parents to see where you cool cats should play while the mice are away…

Chill Out in La Jolla 

Who can resist a day at La Jolla Cove? Soak in the sun, smell the ocean air and remember why you live in San Diego. Take a walk or run along the cove, enjoy the view and reset your mood to perfect calm. Afterwards, treat yourselves to a truly special gelato. The folks at Bobboi Natural Gelato make award-winning gelato and sorbet fresh daily with local, seasonal ingredients. Try a fruity scoop or indulge in the ultimate pick-me-up, an affogato, a scoop of creamy gelato topped with a shot of espresso. Now you’re ready to play with the kids after school!

If you can get away for an overnight date, read our guide to having a romantic evening (on a budget) in La Jolla.

Bobboi Natural Gelato
8008 Girard Ave. #150
La Jolla, Ca 92037

Photo: Christine J. via Yelp 

Where’s your favorite place to go on a day-date with your partner? Share in the comments!

––Cherie Gough