Devine Pastabilities is truly, well, divine! The concept behind the eatery’s menu is that it appeals to a kid’s sensibilities, which means that the food is not only delicious, but the entire dining experience is fun as well. Whether you are an actual kid or just a kid at heart, you’re sure to delight in the many divine plates this joint has to offer.

Some local favorites include the restaurant’s signature dish, the Torpasta, which is a hollowed, toasted garlic roll stuffed with classic Italian pasta. Yep, it’s essentially a spaghetti sandwich that your kiddos are guaranteed to go wild for. Other Torpasta choices include tortellini, carbonara, lasagna, and a vegan special. The same meal-in-a-hollowed-bread is also applied to salads. Order a Spinach Torsalad, and you’ll munch on a roll filled with baby spinach, red onion, feta cheese, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette. Yum!

If you’re more of a sandwich purist, Devine Pastabilities has several Torpedoes (subs) available to order. Try a Turkey & Avocado, Italian Stallion, Steak & Cheese, or Vegetarian Delight. All Torpedoes, Torpastas, and Torsalads can be ordered in a 6 inch or 12 inch roll. Portions are huge so we suggest splitting your order with the youngsters. You can also get a pizza (there are nine different kinds to choose from) or a side of seasoned fries.

Sure, the dishes at Devine Pastabilities don’t exactly scream “health food” so if you’re a family of carb counters, it’s probably best to pass on this particular San Diego establishment. However, you can’t deny that Devine Pastabilities is a novel eatery and who doesn’t love to indulge once in awhile (or every week?!)? Let’s face it—eating a pasta sandwich is fun, and the experience is sure to charm the little ones.

Devine Pastabilities
3545 Midway Dr.
San Diego, Ca 92110

– Abigail Matsumoto