Screen time burnout is real. This summer, invigorate them with an adventure IRL!

Encore Creative Arts & Enrichment Camp is in-person with 20 distinct full or half-day sessions for ages 8-13 at their massive campus in Kearny Mesa with programs you won’t find anywhere else.

Encore’s summer camp offers hands-on activities with one and two-week programs. Sign up for innovative programs like Walking with Dinosaurs, Space Camp, Survivor, Culinary Arts, Mad Scientist, Chess Club, Martial Arts, DJ School, Film Making, Anime & Cartoon Illustration, School of Wizardry, Hands-On Photography, Classical Guitar, and active sports clinics.

This summer, give your little visionary a place to hone their creative skills, socialize and have fu

Choose from drop-in, week-to-week or all 11 weeks. Camps start at $165/week. Use code REDTRI5020 for $50 off any full day camp!