Need some fresh ideas for keeping the kiddos entertained at home and for keeping your family sane indoors? We’ve got you covered. From hosting a family comedy hour to seeing who can whip up the best meal from last night’s leftovers, read on and let the good times roll.

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Cozy Up with Some Great Reads
What a great time to get lost in a book! Check out our list of the best books for San Diego kids that put our fine city in the spotlight, as well as some of our favorite new kids books you should add to your collection.

Place an Order a San Diego CSA Box
A local farmer will put together an amazing box of produce for your family to enjoy!

Build an Epic Indoor Fort
Seek solace in an indoor fort! Build one of these cool forts with your kids and then let them read books, nap, or play in their new abode.

Put on a Comedy Show
We could all use a laugh! Show your kids this joke list and then have them learn their favorites, and you learn your favorites and then put on a stand-up comedy show for each other.

Tidy Up Those Bedrooms
Check out our ultimate guide to cleaning out your kids rooms and then get to work on some spring cleaning together.


Plan a Spring/Summer Camping Trip
Plan a getaway into the great outdoors. Peruse our favorite campsites in San Diego and SoCal and make plans to travel into nature this spring and summer.

Get Creative with Leftover Food
Find fresh and unique ways to recycle last night’s leftovers into a new and delicious meal. Have a cooking competition between older kids to see who can prepare the best meal using the same leftovers. Bonus: less trips to buy groceries.

––Beth Shea


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