We can try and fight it, but it’s inevitable. Summer will soon be coming to a close. Luckily, we found the perfect outdoor excursions to help you and your family bid summer adieu. Explore San Diego in a way you may not have before — by water! Flip through the slideshow to check out our picks for the best water-centric ways to see our beautiful, coastline city. But, we’re warning you — you may never want to sight-see by land again.

San Diego Seal Tour

Get ready to blow your little one's mind when you tell them they're not taking a bus or a boat, they're going on a hydraterra -- aka a boat with wheels! That's right, start your 90-minute San Diego Seal Tour off by winding around the picturesque downtown streets and then splash into the San Diego bay where you'll set off on a history rich lesson about the city, it's military roots and all it's attractions. Memories are sure to be made on this sea and land adventure.

What’s your favorite way to experience water in San Diego? Tell us in the comments!

– Aimee Della Bitta