Feel like embarking on a new adventure with your pint-sized pal while doing good around town? San Diego has a bunch of cool and unique volunteer opportunities that will inspire and delight. We’re talking about a lesson on river bugs, protecting wild birds, planting a sustainable garden, walking for cancer, or even helping out around a horse ranch! Click through the slideshow for five volunteer opportunities the whole family will enjoy.

San Diego Audubon Society

If your little canary loves birds as much as we do, add this one to your list! Volunteers at this March 29 event will be removing invasive plants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Island to make room for the right kind of plants to grow. This will encourage nesting by an endangered bird species, the California Least Tern. This opportunity offers a rare chance to check out the FAA Island – it’s normally off-limits to the public! RSVPs are required, so flock on over to their website soon.

Online: sandiegoaudubon.org

Photo credit: San Diego Audubon Society Facebook page

How does your family volunteer in San Diego? Tell us what works for you in the Comments below!

— Elizabeth Silva