San Diego kids have a good life! Not only does the sun shine nearly all year long, there’s also no shortage of awesome restaurants that promise way more fun than a kids menu and coloring sheet. Several of San Diego’s culinary spots have fun features to entertain the wee ones while parents savor delicious bites and craft drinks. Click through to see where you need to take the family for your next dinner out.

Islands Restaurants

This restaurant chain is one of the most family-friendly spots to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal. Aside from their classic burgers and signature cheddar fries, we love Islands because of the healthy and affordable Gremmie Menu options. The items are divided into categories depending on the kiddo's age: Surfers 6 & Under, Surfers 7 - 12, and Surfers 12 & Under. There's a price break and portion difference depending on the age. Perfect when you don't want to buy a 8-year-old's portion for a preschooler!

The menu options are healthy and tasty too. Little surfers can pick fresh pineapple with yogurt dip, veggie dippers with ranch dip, steamed broccoli and carrots, garden and Caesar salads, and the Jr. Grilled Chicken Sandwich. And the kids menu iteself is full of fun items that will keep little dudes and dudettes busy while parents sip on their mangorita.

One of the best reasons to eat at Islands is their commitment to giving back. Islands partners with Crayon Collection to donate used crayons from all their locations to lower income schools. They've donated more than one million crayons annually to local elementary schools throughout the southwest United States.

Insider's Tip: Many local Islands restaurants participate in school fundarising nights where a portion of your bill goes right back to the school. Talk to your local store to see if your school can participate!

Locations throughout San Diego

Photo: Leah Singer

Where do you like to go when you’re craving a delicious meal with the kids in tow?

— Leah R. Singer