Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is located in historic Balboa Park and combines cultural education with adventure! In its flowering 11 acres, the Japanese Friendship Garden has many things to see and learn from. Not to mention, all the fun activities that come with it!  In the upper garden there is a beautiful Koi pond and moon viewing deck that makes a perfect spot to learn about Koi fish and their great significance to Japanese culture. In addition, the garden is full of winding pathways and viewing spots that make connecting to nature, captivating.

The Japanese Friendship Garden is proud to introduce new additions to the lower garden, which incorporates natural elements of Japan with the excitement and liveliness of San Diego. In early 2015 we opened the Inamori Pavilion, an indoor space with an outdoor feel which houses rotating art exhibits, and classes!

In addition to a great time spent at the garden, we also offer classes, demonstrations, summer camp, and weekly activities that all kids love! Some of these include tea demonstrations, yoga and Koi feeding hours!

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