The first time you held hands while roller skating, the song was probably something by Air Supply or Olivia Newton John. These days, it might be Ariana Grande and Iggy Izalea. Regardless of whatever generation gap may be present, your kids will definitely want in on some skating fun. San Diego has a variety of kid-friendly skating rinks for both the roller and ice aficionados. Flip through the slideshow to see what’s in store for your little skaters.


With a DJ that plays a solid mix of classic and current music, Skateworld is all about good, clean fun for the whole family. Open skate on Saturdays is great, and the DJ intersperses the fun with games and challenges. Be prepared to laugh (and possibly be laughed at), but it's all in good fun. One word of warning, though: This place has no air conditioning. So be prepared to sweat a bit. Cool off by hopping off the rink and into the game room, or hit the snack bar to recharge. Parents will love the bottom line, as the price for open skate on the weekends is only $7/person along with a $4 skate rental.

6907 Linda Vista Rd.
San Diego, Ca 92111

Photo credit: Amber E. via Yelp

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– Marnie Broderson