If you’re looking for a cool alternative to the average art class, check out the Little Fish Comic Book Studio in Ocean Beach. Kids can unleash their inner superhero with a series of innovative classes that teach the basics of drawing, layout and page design. Get ready for creativity and imagination to run wild with some encouragement from instructors in this relaxed learning environment. Take a look at how students discover their passion for storytelling while learning new skills and abilities.

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This cozy, one of a kind studio is nestled in a small beach community, and is the perfect place to get away and let your kiddo’s artistic juices flow. A variety of classes are offered year round. Kids can study topics like drawing, inking, character design, and digital creation.

Owner Alonso Nunez is approachable and embraces newcomers. He likens students to “little fish” (hence the name), that help each other succeed and overcome obstacles in order to make great comics. Each class emphasizes working together and inspiring others to pursue their goals. And the inspiration doesn’t stop with the classes; even the bathroom is lined with comics.

Little Fish Bathroom

Little Fish also hosts a free, monthly Saturday Morning Cartooning class. This is a great way for future students to learn a little comic book history, and maybe even make a new friend or two. Be sure to check out the awesome studio library. The combination of images and words together are an incredible tool for beginning readers, and the library has titles accessible to everyone.Little Fish Door

How do free donuts sound? Join Little Fish for one of their monthly Comic Book Savvy events and score some sweet treats, plus some awesome conversation with professionals, fans, students and media. The studio’s doors are open for browsing the library, admiring artwork from comic creators and students, and checking out the comic book scene. This is a casual, relaxing evening where there are no rules or guidelines, just mingling and having fun.

Don’t forget about summer camp! Kids can have fun this summer by creating their very own characters and learning how to pencil, ink and color a comic page. Little Fish provides all the materials. At the end of the week, campers will be proud of their very own comic story creation.

Little Fish Comic Book Studio
4837 Voltaire St.
San Diego, Ca 92107
Online: lilfish.us

— Marissa Mullen