We get it, video games are fun. But wouldn’t it be so much cooler if your little Katniss Everdeen or Luke Skywalker stepped away from the screen to go on an adventure in real time? From archery and Lightsaber combat classes to fencing and training to become a Ninja master, summer is the perfect time to pick up an exciting new hobby and San Diego has plenty of offbeat class offerings for kids to think outside the box (or the boob tube). Read on for the scoop.

Ninja Kids at Gyminny Kids

Kids can train through three separate levels to become a Ninja Master at this exciting class which combines gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement in an hour-long class that's jam packed with fun. Each class focuses on form, agility, climbing and power. What a great way to channel and burn off extra energy!

17022 Camino San Bernardo
San Diego, Ca 92127
Online: gyminnykids.com

Does your kid have an offbeat hobby? Tell us about it in the comments!

––Michelle Franklin