You’ve been to the San Diego Zoo so many times your family’s on a first name basis with the double-decker bus drivers. Now your budding zoologist wants a furry friend to take home. All they can think about is their new pet, all you can think about is how to care for this pet. Help is on the way from the San Elijo Veterinary Care team. Read on to learn more about the classes they offer your little animal fans.


Meet the Vet Team
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes at a veterinary hospital? We have, and we’ve checked it out, and it’s pretty cool! First you and your little pups will take a tour of the place. See where the surgeries happen and view an x-ray or two. The veterinarian will discuss what happens in these areas and how to use the x-ray to discover a way to heal animals.

An Evolving Program
The animals and emphasis in the classes change over time (to keep everyone interested!), but the core idea of taking care of animals as pets and understanding what a veterinarian does are part of all the classes offered. Below are a couple examples.

pazzo_cc_sanelijovet-comPhoto: San Elijo Vet Care

Furry Friends Class
This class is perfect for teaching kids what it takes to care for a dog or a cat. You’ll learn how to inspect a dog’s teeth, check their ears, and be aware of the signs to watch for good pet health.

Exotic Pets Class
If something a little more adventurous is on your pet list, this class is what you need. Kids break up into smaller groups and begin to have one-on-one with exotic animal pets. So if your kid is begging for bearded dragon, sign up for this class. Learn how long different pets actually live, what kind of environment they need to thrive, and more.  Did you know the doctors need special skills to care for exotic animals?

The best part for the kiddos? The meet and greet with actual animals. Turtles, hamsters, snakes and even a bearded dragon might be part of your encounter. Dogs and cats, too!


Sign Up
Whether you are considering getting a pet or your little one just loves all things animal, the classes offered for kid’s through Advanced Veterinary Care are as educational as they are fun!

When: Second Wednesday each month; 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Cost: $40/child

Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo
1691 Melrose Dr. #110
San Marcos, Ca

Have you been to this pet care class? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

—Nikki Walsh (photo’s too! except where noted)