The countdown to summer has begun! If you’re wondering how to prevent summer brain drain while having a blast with your kiddos over the school break, look no further than LEGOLAND. Home to far more than castles, rides and water parks, there’s also lots of learning built in to a visit to this theme park. Read on for where to tap into the educational experiences that will thrill your kids on their next visit!

Elevate Engineering Skills

Everything at LEGOLAND is designed and built with craftsmanship, precision and math in mind. With over 65 million LEGO bricks in the park, there are science, physics and architectural elements embedded in every ride and structure.

A few ways to build upon your budding engineer’s knowledge are:

  • Head over to the Lego Factory Tour where gizmos and gadgets unite with history, design and development.
  • Test your knowledge of science fiction at the Lego Star Wars exhibit, where robotics are used in every production and kinesthetic learners and outside the box thinkers will be in their glory.
  • Take the Coast Cruise and listen to the intricate details as the boat conductor shares the total amount of LEGO bricks used in each historic model.
  • Check your building skills at The Model Shop. Home of those expert builders, this shop holds more than 3 million LEGO bricks and is the headquarters for maintenance and repair of the 27,000+ models in the park. This is the creative hub for strategy and development of new models and displays.

photo: Beth Shea

Get Your Robotics On

At LEGOLAND, the movers and shakers meet in the lab to create, develop, dream up and configure LEGO fun. Kids test their knowledge of hinges, automation and mechanics of their LEGO blocks while wearing their thinking caps. They learn about motors and wheels, develop code and use their imagination to create. Kids do the thinking and learning at interactive hands-on workstations while teachers facilitate the process to bring projects to life. Who knows? You might be related to the next LEGOLAND developer!

  • MindStorms/Robotics headquarters: Presented by INTEL, MindStorms allows kids ages 9-13 to utilize their imagination to design, create and discover the magic of robotics. Enhancing that STEM education right inside of an amusement park – this is where the magic happens. Sign up ahead of time or check available time slots as soon as you enter the park.

Extend The Education

In a world where resources are vast but funding is low, teachers do everything they can to find the best things out there while not destroying their own personal budget. At LEGOLAND, educators of all kinds can use the tools provided to enhance traditional learning, extend their own education and empower young minds to think outside the box, think critically and learn to harness their imagination to dream, explore and create.

  • Teachers go free: If you’re looking to keep that education and exploration going outside of school, take your family to LEGOLAND. If you’re a classroom teacher, there are certain days where ‘teachers are free’ and their guests pay only $50 for the day’s entrance. Take your education outside of the classroom and watch as your brain discovers and delights in one giant LEGO playground.
  • Educational Resources: LEGOLAND offers resource guides for classroom teachers, but why not use them for your own family? Check out their options, download away and learn as you go. Get that summer energy going with both kinesthetic learning as well as brain boosting fun.

Soar Through Science

Test your physics with weights and pulley systems on the Kids Power Tower and get your bio on in the world of marine biology at Sea Life Aquarium. Channel science as students discover delights of the sea, learn about environmental protections and conservation and test their science skills.

  • Sea Life Aquarium: Watch a dive show by an expert in marine life, take on interactive sea life experiences, listen to talks, be present during feeding times and even find out how to become a shark and stingray expert. As a conservation partner with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, both of these spaces encourage guests to purchase sustainable fish. Helping to teach about the story behind the seafood, these parks do their part to help the environment, protect marine life and encourage learners young and old to do the same. Proponents of conservation and set on strengthening the environment, Sea Life Aquarium is committed to cleaning up local beaches and invites you to join in the process. Any LEGOLAND ticket can be upgraded for $22 to include Sea Life Aquarium.
  • Kids Power Tower: Kids can test their strength, gauge their physics knowledge and learn about mechanics firsthand by doing the pulling on this attraction. They’ll need to unleash their inner scientist to find a way to reach the top without running out of strength.

Make History Fun

Ready to keep your little learners engaged in conversations about history and geography? Although structural development reigns supreme, if you know where to look, you can find geography and social studies lessons throughout LEGOLAND.

Here’s where to go:

  • Block of Fame: LEGO busts of historical and pop figures invite conversation, celebrate accomplishments and provide vision for kids to dream about what they want to be when they grow up while understanding what those who came before them achieved through hard work, dedication, struggle and perseverance.
  • Adventurer’s Club: Head inside for an adventure through Egypt, the Amazon and the Arctic to uncover the hidden secrets amongst them all. Here visitors interact with hieroglyphics, uncover animals living in the frozen ice and wander through worlds different to their own. Ideas of cultural diffusion and diversity, discovery and the struggles and triumphs of exploration are all available on this journey!

What’s your favorite thing to do at LEGOLAND? Share in the comments below!

––Stacey Ebert

All photos © Stacey Ebert except where noted.


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