Nothing gets the creative juices flowing better than having to solve a problem. Since parents are pretty much catapulted into problem solver extraordinaire status overnight, it’s not surprising that some of the greatest and most creative ideas come from mothers and fathers that imagine a better and easier way to do things. These five local companies are great examples of what can be created when kiddos inspire the parents (as well as a need for a little extra help!).

LuluBoo – 4 in 1 Travel Bed

1544509_10150356486544950_1566078822_nPhoto Credit: Luly Boo

We’ve all been there — you finally get your exhausted infant down for an afternoon nap and you realize that your toddler’s ballet class is starting in ten minutes. When mother of two, Pazit Ben-Ezri, had this issue she thought of a solution. The 4-in-1 LuluBoo is the perfect carrier that allows babies to feel comfortable and safe no matter where they are, it also folds up into a backpack for easy travel. A brilliant product from one brilliant, local mama.

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Sugarbooger Good Lunch Snack Set

unnamed                                                               Photo Credit: Ore Originals

Having available snacks on hand at all times is Parenting 101. So it only makes sense that you’d need reusable snack sacks to carry them in. Sugarbooger is an adorable line of reusable lunch accessories that not only make things easier for moms on the go but are also environmentally conscious. Even Mother Earth is a fan of this one!

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Sakura Bloom

tumblr_moe598IU9e1rogowko1_1280                                                                                           Photo Credit: Sakura Bloom Tumbler

Some ideas are just simple. Sakura Bloom baby carriers came from one of those simple ideas. Parents around the world have always carried their babies close to them to calm them down and make them feel safe. So why not, make a carrier that allows parents to keep that age old tradition but also look modern and stylish while doing it. Function and fashion never looked so good.

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Milch & Honig Leggings

il_570xN.584989388_654q                                                                                                                             Photo Credit: Etsy

European mom Henrike moved from Germany to Southern California five years ago. After having her two daughters and observing their personalities and what made them comfortable she started looking for unique, pattern driven leggings for newborns. Since she couldn’t find what she wanted in the marketplace she decided to create them herself. All of her creations are inspired by her little ones, and we can’t think of a better lesson for her to be teaching her young girls: If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself!

Available online:

Green Kid Crafts

IMG_7265Photo Credit: Green Kids Crafts 

Green Kid Crafts is a company created by a working mom and environmental scientist who wanted to make the most out of the limited time she had to spend with her kids. Solving the problem of not having to run to the store and shop for supplies, she started the original arts, crafts, and science project kids subscription service. This mom ran company gets the stamp of approval for combining science, creativity and convenience.

Available online:

Do you have any ideas that you’re ready to turn into inventions? Or products you’ve found that you can’t live without? Tell us about them in the comments! 

 – Aimee Della Bitta