While San Diego isn’t cold-weather capitol of the country, there are plenty of days where it’s a bit too overcast or rainy to play outside. So how’s a kiddo supposed burn off energy when playing outdoors isn’t an option? Thankfully San Diego has several indoor playgrounds designed for even the smallest of kiddos. Click through the slideshow to see these awesome indoor play spaces that will keep your little ones entertained!

Urban Jungle

This East County hotspot has become quite the favorite indoor play space for kids. Urban Jungle has spaces for kids to climb the walls, bounce on trampolines, race through an obstacle course, slide down a 16-foot slide, and much more. One of the best things about Urban Jungle is it's not built for one age range. There's entertainment for little ones, while tweens and teens can also be entertained. And of course there's plenty of lounging, WiFi and a cafe for parents who prefer to relax while the kiddos are burning off energy.

8711 N. Magnolina Ave.
Santee, Ca
Online: urbanjunglefunpark.com

Photo: Urban Jungle

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– Lenya McGrath