Have you been looking for something fun, inexpensive, and positive for your kids toVia Coast News Group participate in? What about a drop in art studio and social club for kids ages 2-12? We realize, a social club sounds fancy, but Art Soup is really just a supervised place for your kids to be messy, make friends and art, and well… be kids. As Art Soup says, it’s outsourcing the mess of projects while still giving your kiddos the chance to get a little messy.

191 N. El Camino Real
Suite 203
Encinitas, Ca
Online: artsoupsd.com

Let’s get price out of the way first, because we know there are lots of Art Studios out there that break the bank, but from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday-Saturday it’s only $10.00 for 1.5 hours of drop in, which is a totally affordable way to spend an afternoon.

The reason that’s possible is because Art Soup uses 75% recycled goods to cut costs and lower their impact on the environment. An affordable art studio for kids that’s also easy on the environment? Could it be any better? If you’d like to donate recycled products to the cause, they have a whole list of things they need and love to receive.

Art Soup is not just any ol’ art studio. Art soup has a real VW Bug for your little ones to slather paint on, a 12 foot glass wall, a 10 foot chalk wall and a chalk painted fire engine. Not to mention, they’re well stocked — no dry pens here! They have a 12 foot supply bar for the absolute delight of your kiddos, as well as a huge trough sink in the back of the studio and 3 other washing locations (not including the 4 bathrooms), so your little ones won’t come home sticky!

And if you’re looking for more than a drop in, Art Soup has workshops and tons of events, so check their events page for details. Some of their weekly events include the new Toddler “Wet Room” filled with rice, beans, bubbles, shaving cream, and goo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays Art Soup throws a play dough party – play dough that Art Soup makes themselves. There are different colors and scents and the kids can take home their own ball of homemade play dough.

Art Soup isn’t just a place to drop off your kids for play time (though it is that, for sure), it’s also working to be a fixture in the community, tailoring what they offer to what the neighborhood needs from an art studio, and maintaining their view that kids need to have the freedom to be messy and artistic to be successful in life.

— Lauren Dupuis