Calling all parents of young grasshoppers! We’ve found 7 local dojos where you can take your kids to leap into the many benefits of learning martial arts. These studios have special programs for youth of all ages that not only teach technique and self defense but also offer valuable life skills like self-control, grit and balance. Because, in the words of the wise Mr. Miyagi, “Whole life have a balance. Everything be better.” Read on to see where to take your karate kid for some kicks.

Freestyle Martial Arts

Being able to think on your feet and quickly react to a situation is a life skill every parent wants their child to master. Freestyle Martial Arts (FMA) are the experts in teaching this skill in a fun way. Their program incorporates practical streetwise self defense skills (reacting under pressure), extreme martial arts (acrobatic sport performance), traditional martial arts (karate/tae kwon do/judo) and mixed martial arts (sport grappling and kickboxing), while focusing on character development and awareness. Click here to read about student success stories that will inspire you and your little warrior to give FMA a try.

3760 Sports Arena Blvd. #1
San Diego, Ca 92110

Photo: Freestyle Martial Arts via Facebook

Has your kiddo tried a martial arts class that she loves? Tell us about it in the comments.

––Aimee Della Bitta