If the kiddos need some outdoor space to stretch their legs, how do you think your furry kids feel? Even the pups need a place to kick back and run around in the outdoors. From sunny beaches to ocean view playgrounds and desert mountains, San Diego offers some of the best leash free dog parks in the area. And we love that these spots are also kid-friendly! Click through the slideshow to find the best areas where kids and dogs can play together.

Ocean Beach Dog Park

Looking for a beach day that the whole family and dog can enjoy? Located at the north end of Ocean Beach, the dog beach is a great place for the entire family to run around, dogs included. Dogs can be off leash at all times, and the beach is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With nearly a mile of sandy beach to enjoy, the dog beach has plenty of space for everyone. Kids and dogs can splash, swim, and play in the sand without worrying about crowding other beach goers. Be sure to bring your own bags to pick up after your dog, and plenty of towels for everyone!

Ocean Beach Bike Path
San Diego, Ca 92109
Online: sandiego.gov/oceanbeach

Photo credit: Arbyreed via Flickr Creative Commons

What are some other great off-leash dog parks that we missed? Do you have a favorite spot in San Diego?

— Bryn Wied