More often than not, when you hear the word “power mom” an image pops up of a woman wearing high heels and a business suit with a kiddo by her side. But it’s 2016 and that’s no longer the case. We uncovered 14 San Diego moms who are redefining motherhood in their own way. They are teachers, lawyers, STEM advocates, even planners, Girl Scout leaders, music teachers, chocolatiers, authors, and much more. What’s the one thing they have in common? They are moms, first and foremost. Click through the slideshow to read all about 14 San Diego power moms.

Amanda Allen, Attorney

Amanda Allen is a business and real estate attorney (with a specialty in working with breweries and wineries), and launched Enrich, a co-working space for lawyers. This mom to 3-year-old Jasmine Jane (Jas or Jassy for short) has been practicing law for eight years and started her solo practice when Jas was only one. Amanda is extremely proud of launching Enrich. And while it felt outside of her comfort zone to do, she’s happier about that professional accomplishment than any award she’s received. While Amanda is a successful attorney, business owner and mom, she’s committed to living a healthy lifestyle. She loves doing crossfit, and says working out has been her therapy and her rock. Amanda’s favorite thing to do with Jasmine is dance, and they can be seen busting moves in the car, bagel shop, gym and in the living room.

photo courtesy of Amanda Allen


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— Leah R. Singer