Whether you groove behind closed doors or frequently bust a move in public, dance is something almost everyone can do. For kids, dance isn’t just good exercise or a way to keep them from bouncing off the walls. Practicing those plies improves posture, balance, focus and physical awareness. Dance classes help kids learn the benefits of team building and foster friendships. But get this, a recent study also showed that kids with backgrounds in dance scored higher on their SATs. Cool, eh? Now that you’re sold on the benefits, where do you go?

Non-profit, with the goal of removing barriers that might prevent someone from dancing, Tap Fever is unlike any other dance studio in San Diego. Founder Larissa Hall understands what it’s like to use dance as a form of physical therapy as her childhood doctors once thought she might not be able to walk. She danced her way, severe ankle pain and all, to recovery and hasn’t stopped. It’s her goal to make sure that everyone who wants to dance can.

Ages 2 – 102 enjoy an enormous variety of classes that are scheduled all day long during weekdays. Tap, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, fitness and more grace the calendar. During the holidays, Tap Fever kids don adorable costumes and march in the various holiday parades around San Diego. The annual recital, a impressive production, this year was at the Birch North Park Theater and watched by hundreds of family members and friends. A portion of show proceeds go to local charities recommended by staff, students, and board members.

Special needs students can arrange for group private classes or are welcome to join in regularly scheduled classes with an assistant, if necessary. Specialty classes include hearing impaired tap dance, visually impaired tap dance, limited mobility tap dance, and developmentally and physically disabled dance.

Full or 50% scholarships are available to applicants ages 6 and older who show a significant interest in dance. Interested parties should apply online.

Located on La Jolla Boulevard, there is plenty to do while the kids are in class. Parents are welcome to sit outside and watch. Passing the time is also made easy by shopping or having a bite to eat at one of the many nearby restaurants. The kids will be having such a good time in class, they won’t notice you stepped into the clothing store next door.

Support a dance school that supports the community. Try Tap Fever.

Tap Fever
5628 La Jolla Boulevard
La Jolla, Ca 92037
online: tapfever.com

— Katie Dillon