It’s time to pick out a Halloween costume! A.k.a. the one time of year when you tell your kids to get dressed-up and they actually want to! We’ve found 11 local places to score the best costumes for little ghouls and boys. From princesses and pirates to witches, pumpkins and pretty much anything your little boo can imagine, scroll through our spooky good slideshow and then go snatch up that perfect trick-or-treating ensemble!

Gypsy Treasure Costumes

Aptly-named Gypsy Treasure is the destination for families looking to score a true gem. They have costumes for rent or purchase that are worthy of your most special occasions (just don't return items late or you'll be charged a sizable fee). The staff is extremely knowledgeable about costumes for different eras.

Don't miss: a broad selection of extravagant eyelashes and colorful wigs.

8119 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, Ca 92942

Photo credit: Ruggy J. via Yelp

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—Nikki Walsh