Got a Jurassic-loving junior on your hands? From dusting off old bones to learning what a Brachiosaurus ate, we’ve dug up some pint-sized paleontologist fun. Scroll through our slideshow to learn where to get the dirt on these giant creatures in and near San Diego.

San Diego Zoo

Who knew? Tar pits preserve dinos. If you haven’t quite made it to La Brea, cruise to the Elephant Odyssey entrance at the San Diego Zoo, where draining water reveals fossils trapped for thousands of years (it takes about 2 min.). Top it off with a little Ice Age fun at the small theater (by the Polar Bears) with 4-D sensory wind, snow and mist effects. You’ll feel like you’re there.

Cost: $52/adult; $42/child; free for children under 3

Balboa Park
2920 Zoo Dr.
San Diego, Ca

photo: Ray Bouknight

Where do you go to see dinosaurs around San Diego? Tell us about it below.

––Nikki Walsh