The Great American Eclipse of 2017 has come and gone. You spent hours scouring the Internet for those special “eclipse glasses,” and when you finally found them, you totally rejoiced in the fact that your kiddo would now be able to watch the event without burning her teeny tiny retinas. But after 20 minutes of use, you have a few cardboard-clad filtered eclipse glasses left over and no idea what to do with them. Don’t trash them just yet! Read on to see why.

A California-based organization called Astronomers Without Borders wants to help kids in Asia and South America to view the 2019 solar eclipse. Even though we won’t get treated to the covered sun in the sky two years from now, people on other continents will.

In an effort to spread STEM resources around the globe, Astronomers Without Borders is partnering with other groups and businesses to create donation centers for used glasses. They also note, on their Facebook page, that they will provide more information about donating through announcements in their newsletters (you can sign up via their website).

So don’t throw those glasses away! Give kids in other areas a chance to see the magic with your donation.

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