What’s on your baby registry? Chances are that none of these baby items have made the list. Why not? Well, they’re not exactly of the norm. These baby items are kind of unbelievable. And yes, they’re totally real. Check out the baby gear that you need to see to believe.

Baby High Heels

Your kiddo needs stilettos. Right? Just in case you want your little one to wear a pair of pumps, this infant shoe-wear line has them. Of course, they’re soft and flexible.


The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer

photo: Amazon.com

Why is your baby crying? You could just learn her signals. Or you could put her cries through a voice analyzer. Apparently, the Why Cry can analyze whether your baby is annoyed, hungry or crying for some other reason.

Baby Mop

photo: Amazon.com

Your kiddo is already crawling around anyway. So why not put a little mop suit on him and get him working?

—Erica Loop

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