Yesterday as I shuffled around my “too messy for company” house in my slippers, robe and bifocals—which yes, I have bifocals (I was, however, able to get the ones without the line down the center)—I realized that I either looked like a crazy hoarder lady who refuses to throw anything out, clear paths to walk through the living room and make anything that doesn’t come out of a frozen zip-top—or maybe I just looked like a mom who needed a break.

I’ve been juggling a bunch of different things lately. Between sick kids, snow days, covering extra fitness classes for sick co-workers to the point where my legs don’t actually bend anymore, plus-oh-not-to-mention the regularly scheduled programming that we call LIFE, I just needed to NOT for a day.

A day just to not cook. Not clean. Not get dressed. Not squint and pretend like I don’t need bifocals when I actually do… Meh. We are allowed to just NOT for a day. Instead we should get to go shopping, have angry fries and do jigsaw puzzles.

So, when’s the last time that you were bored, cranky, stressed or tired? I know—you might even be right now reading this. While these emotions are all completely normal and we don’t have to feel bad about having them, we generally don’t want to hold on to them for too long. Because then they can eventually turn into worse things like bitterness, resentment, exhaustion or depression.

So, here is a little trick if you are ever trying to snap out of it: make an energy list. Whatever you usually don’t find time to do, or just plain don’t give yourself permission to do—these are the things you put on the list.

A good example of an energy list:

  1. Online shopping for a new bathing suit because it’s been forever. CHECK!
  2. Working on a jigsaw puzzle for an hour because finding the right piece is just so damn satisfying. CHECK!
  3. Eating the absolute best/worst junk food in the world which are called “angry fries.” TRIPLE CHECK!

Here’s a not so good energy list:

  1. Trying to quick scroll on Facebook while your kids are asking you a million questions.
  2. Listening to your favorite song while making dinner while checking homework while responding to a text while also eating dinner.
  3. Shopping for new shoes but feeling totally bad about it even though you haven’t bought anything for yourself in forever and you really could use a new pair of shoes.

Got it? Perfect.

Now save your list to your phone and anytime you need a pick me up, choose your energy booster. Include some that are super quick and also ones that might take a little longer. Or, simply take a break and just NOT for a day. It’s important in those moments to remember that being totally unproductive is just as important as being productive.

Some days it just feels pretty damn amazing to be a crazy hoarder lady shuffling around in slippers, a robe, bifocals—and consequently a huge smile. For she is completely unaffected by the unspoken, unattainable demands that she never needed to put on herself in the first place.

Featured Photo Courtesy: tookapic/Pixabay