When there’s a chill in the air, there’s nothing better than comforting soups, stews, and, of course, chili. From chicken noodle soup to beef strew and even a white chicken chili recipe, these hearty meals are perfect for the cooler months. Plus, they’re all one-pot meals that are perfect for busy weeknights. So bundle up, simmer down, and scroll on for our favorite slow cooker stews, two-step soups, chili recipes and more.

Instant Pot White Chicken Chili

For a quick take on a popular version of chili, we like Boulder Locavore's Instant Pot version. It only takes 15 minutes and you can make it mild or spicy, depending on your preference. Don't have an Instant Pot? No Worries! Try this version instead. 

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Does your soul need some homemade chicken soup? Jennifer Tyler Lee, the author of The 52 New Foods Challenge, has you covered. You can even pack it in a thermos, and send the kiddos to school with a warm and hearty lunch. Get the recipe here.

Instant Pot Chili

Love your Instant Pot? You'll love it even more once you try this chili recipe from The Bearded Hiker. Just sauté your beef, add your veggies, beans and spices and voila! Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Chicken Stew

This delish stew from Mindy’s Cooking Obsession is the perfect cure for a comfort food craving. Best of all, you can throw all the ingredients in the Crock Pot in the morning and have a warm meal ready when it’s time for dinner. Get the recipe here.

Alphabet Vegetable Soup

When you're yearning for a hearty soup, why not go for one that's positively literary? Kids will love that this dish from The New England Soup Factory includes some spelling—you'll love that it's a cinch to throw together. Get the recipe here.

Chili Mac and Cheese Soup

If your kids can't get enough chili and they love mac and cheese, you can get the best of both worlds with this soup from Baking with Blondie! It comes together in about 30 minutes is extra tasty in a bread bowl or sprinkled with some sharp cheddar. Get the recipe here.

Vegetarian Crock Pot Chili

There's no reason for vegetarians to be left out of the chili fun! This dish (which uses the crock pot!) includes three kinds of beans and is gluten and dairy free. Get the recipe here. 

Cream of Tomato Soup

This soup from The Cake Chica is just what your grilled cheese needs! It uses the freshest ingredients and takes two—count ‘em, two steps. And if you have a blender or food processor, it's that much easier! Get the recipe here.

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Vibrant flavors? Check. Feel-good ingredients? Check. Totally easy? Double check. This soup from Well Plated is all of the above and more. It also uses your slow cooker. Score! Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Maple Chicken Stew

Your busy workdays just got better with this recipe from Kristine’s Kitchen Blog. It’s bursting with healthy vegetables and flavors, and since it cooks all day in your Crock Pot, there’s not much work involved. Get the recipe here.

Japanese Noodle Soup

Ditch the questionable instant ramen and whip up your own with this recipe from Aviva Goldfarb of The Six O’Clock Scramble. Your little noodle lovers will love all the fresh flavors, like ginger and lime! Get the recipe here.

Easy Peas-y Lentil Soup

Your little sophisticates will love this soup, courtesy of Nicole Leone! It’s hearty and full of flavor and is easy enough that the kiddos can help out. Get the recipe here.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

More broccoli, please! That’s what the kids will be saying, thanks to this soup from Kitchen Sanctuary. It’s creamy and even has a couple of other veggies thrown in. Top with bacon for an extra treat! Get the recipe here.

Tuscan-Style Sausage Soup

Great news! This recipe from Prevention RD uses ingredients you probably have on hand. And there’s a healthy twist: low-sodium chicken broth, whole wheat pasta, and lots of adaptability if you want to add your fave veggies. Get the recipe here.

Mexican Street Corn Soup

This recipe from Closet Cooking Mexican street corn (think: corn, lime, cheese, avocado) and is surprisingly easy to pull off. And, since you can use fresh or frozen corn and customize the spices to suit your family, you can whip this up any time of the year! Get the recipe here.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

For fans of chicken pot pie, this Kitchen Sanctuary takes the cake. It has the same comfort-food flavors, and you can customize with your kids’ favorite veggies. It’s also a cinch to make! Get the recipe here.

Tortellini, Spinach, and Black Bean Soup

Not only does this soup (courtesy of Jen at How To: Simplify) feature kid-friendly tortellini, it also sneaks in some spinach for extra veggie points. It’s sure to warm you up, fill you up, and get the whole fam asking for seconds. Get the recipe here.

Lasagna Soup

If your family loves lasagna, you’ve got to give this soup from Boulder Locavore a try. It’s got all the same flavors, without the hours of preparation (Psst! It’s also great for gluten-free diets!). Get the recipe here.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Simmer up a big helping of this delish soup from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook! It’s simple, so the kids can get involved in the cooking process—put them to work crushing tortilla chips! Get the recipe here.

Loaded Potato Soup

We’re willing to bet that this soup from Life Made Simple is going to be your new cold weather staple. It’s thick, creamy, and just like a loaded potato with all the fixings! And did we mention it’s a quick and easy one-pot recipe? Get the recipe here.

Farro Soup with Meatballs

Heads up! Dinner at the Zoo has your new favorite soup. It’s easy and nutritious, featuring turkey meatballs, farro, white beans and kale. Feel free to customize with extra veggies for an additional healthy kick! Get the recipe here.

Egg Drop Soup

If egg drop soup is your kids' fave thing to order at Chinese restaurants, you’re in luck. This recipe from One Lovely Life is a great homemade option. It can be made in no time and is a total crowd pleaser. Get the recipe here.

Basic Beef Stew

This recipe, courtesy of Food Blogga, is the very definition of comfort food. It’s super easy and super tasty. You can make it ahead of time to wow kids and grownups alike. Get the recipe here.

Crockpot Vegetable Minestrone

Minestrone is definitely a comfort soup and this recipe, courtesy of Betty Crocker’s Slow Cooker Cookbook, is definitely worth a try. It uses the crockpot, so you can throw it together in the morning and go about your day! Get the recipe here.

Cheesy Roasted Vegetable Soup

The best way to eat more veggies? Slurp them! This soup from Kitchen Sanctuary is chock-full of healthy vegetables and cheesy to boot. Plus, the veggies have an extra oven-cooked flavor for a truly tasty meal. Get the recipe here.

photo: My Healthy Eating

Skinny Clam Chowder

Nix the usual heavy cream that comes with clam chowder. This recipe from Mireya at Myhealthyeatinghabits.com is a healthier version of the classic, and it uses your slow cooker, so it’s a great set-it-and-forget-it meal. Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Lentil Sausage Soup

Extra, extra, hear all about it! This recipe from Homemade Food Junkie is a one-step recipe. That’s right: all you have to do is gather the ingredients and put them in a pot. Presto-chango, you’ve got a delicious soup! Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Carrot Apple Soup

Ready for a hearty and flavorful soup? This recipe from Foxes Love Lemons features ingredients like apple, carrot, fresh garlic, spices and more. It’s a great fall classic, but totally delish any time of year. Get the recipe here.

Chili Con Carne

Three cheers for chili! This classic recipe is all you need when you have a chili craving, and you can make it in your crockpot! Remember: the longer it stews, the better the flavor! Get the recipe here.

Pasta Meatball Soup

Thanks to a few shortcuts, this recipe from Kim’s Cravings is super easy to make. Grab pre-made meatballs and jarred marinara sauce and you’re halfway there! Get the recipe here.

Chickpea and Rosemary Soup

We guarantee this soup from A Little Yumminess will stir up some “mmms” all around your dinner table. Serve as an appetizer or as its own yummy meal! Get the recipe here.

—Abigail Matsumoto


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