Forget about those plain conversation hearts you munch on year after year. Sour Patch Kids now makes an updated version—and these hearts have plenty to say!

Don’t expect a gummy-mouth puckering experience from this Valentine’s Day treat. Unlike the original sour sugar-covered kids, this Sour Patch creation has the same shape and texture of the classic conversation-starting candy.

photo: Amazon

Even though they may look like the original hearts, the conversation is very different. Instead of loving words, this candy boasts millenial-esque messages such as DM ME, LOL, BRUH, EW NO, OVR IT, YAS, FRIEND ZONE and <3.

You can pick up a 13-ounce bag of the hearts at Walmart for $2.50. The Sour Patch Valentine’s Day candy is also available on Amazon and at select retailers.

—Erica Loop



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