Even if Halloween looks a little different this year, spooky season is still on! Sour Patch Kids is on a mission to save Halloween. If kids can’t go trick-or-treating to get candy this year, the Sour Patch Kids will bring the candy directly to them through a special reverse trick-or-treating experience. 

Sour Patch Kids Halloween

Sour Patch Kids is flipping trick-or-treating on its head by bringing “sweet-then-sour” mayhem straight to families’ doorsteps across America.

They’ll be bringing the Halloween mischief in two ways for fans nationwide to celebrate the spooky holiday in a safe way:

  • Contactless Candy Deliveries: On Halloween, the Kids will hit the road to 12 lucky cities across America to make special contactless deliveries of a Sour Patch Kids Halloween package including Sour Patch Kids Zombies candy and Sour Patch Kids branded toilet paper, because nothing screams Halloween like TPing your living room and wreaking some safe Halloween havoc indoors.
  • The Sour Patch Kids Jack O’Lantern Mobile: In one lucky city, the Kids will roll through the neighborhoods in a larger-than-life jack-o’-lantern mobile, shaped like the classic candy bucket. Hopping off their one-of-a-kind candy carriage, the Kids will personally bring Halloween tricks and treats right to families’ front doors, dropping the deliveries off contact-free while maintaining all proper safety measures.

Fans can suggest their city on Instagram (@sourpatchkids) for a chance to have the Kids come to them on Halloween.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Sour Patch Kids 


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