When studying did you ever wish you had a highlighter attached to your pencil? SOZY’s The Annotator, created by 11-year-old identical twins, Sophie and Izzy, combines a #2 pencil, extra-strong eraser and liquid highlighter into one sleek, functional package. This sleek tool is useful and efficient for students and professionals alike, ideal for note taking, color-coding papers, highlighting materials for presentations or just doodling.


Sophie and Izzy’s journey started in school with a simple hack, combining a highlighter to a pencil by taping them together. This solved the problem of switching between both writing instruments at school. When they went to buy the product, and realized it didn’t exist, they decided to design one themselves.

The girls decided to combine elements of their names for the brand and SOZY (SOphie and IzZY) was the result.


For the girls, their passion project has been a lesson in entrepreneurship.From sketching a prototype from scratch, creating a mold to picking a color palette, developing a brand name, designing a logo, creating a website and writing Instagram posts, they have made important decisions, faced challenges and learned how to start (and run) a business.

The Annotator currently comes in packs of four, in pastel shades and in brights ($10) and they have more in development. Available online, The Annotator has also already been picked up by Kitson, Uncommon Goods, The Graphite Store and Presence, among others.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of SOZY 


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