Too many toys. How can that ever be a bad thing? While our kids may be immune to their house looking more like a toy store than an actual home, we think curtailing the sheer amount of goods would be nice, especially if it means we’ll actually be able to see our hardwood floors again. Busy parents with even busier looking living rooms say hello to Spark Box Toys, a service that delivers hand-picked toys to your doorstep. Think of it as the Netflix for the toy lover.

Why we love Spark Box Toys.
Just like the copious piles of toys in our home, there’s certainly no shortage of subscription box services available. From LEGO sets delivered to your doorstep to monthly craft boxes, we’re no stranger to the overwhelming amount of choices out there. So when it came to testing out the quality of Spark Box Toys we were impressed by this awesome service that makes scoring new and age-appropriate toys simple.


All the products sent in a Spark Box Toys delivery aims to encourage the development of skills and incite imagination. Their high quality toys are all age appropriate, meaning if you have a two year old, she won’t receive toys appropriate for a three year old. You fill out a questionnaire telling Spark Box Toys about your child and they personalize the box to fit your kid’s needs and development. It’s that easy.

What to expect.
Before signing up, browse the types of toys available or check out some sample boxes, which details the types of age appropriate toys you can expect in your first delivery. In your box, you’ll receive a return shipping label, a “How-to” letter, batteries (if needed), a mesh bag in case you want to take your toys and hit the road, and four laminated toy product cards with playtime ideas.

Let’s talk about germs.
When we think re-used toys, we think germs. So when we opened our delivery, we were pleasantly surprised to find the toys wrapped in plastic as if new. “Spot-Free, Germ-Free” is the name of the game with Spark Box Toys completely sanitizing all of their toys in a rigorous five-step cleaning process that only uses safe and sustainable cleaning materials. Plus, the goods didn’t have any dents, marks, or stains. Believe us, we checked!

The cost.
Just like Netflix, Spark Box Toys offers free shipping on both delivery and returns. Just remember to keep the box your toys were shipped in to return them. Prices for the service range from $35.95 per month for a box delivered every four weeks to $23.95 per month for a box delivered every eight weeks. There are also monthly plans available.


And, while we’ll admit that the price of signing up for a monthly delivery of toys may be expensive at first glance, the money you spend on toys every month surely exceeds the flat rate fee. Not only will you save but you’ll also eliminate the clutter piling up in your home with toys that you know are high quality and age appropriate.

Good to know.
Kids lose toys and pieces. It just happens. To accomodate your family, Spark Box Toys will allow you to return the missing pieces in your next box (provided you find the piece) for no charge. But, if the toy or piece is missing for good, you’ll be charged a missing pieces fee, which ranges from $3 to $5.

Will you be signing up for Spark Box Toys? Let us know whether you love it or will leave it.

Written by: Erin Lem

first photo courtesy of Charina Lumley (that’s her son Thomas playing with the toys); remainder of photos courtesy of Spark Box Toys.