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We’re heading into that time of year when the days get shorter, as families gather together more. It’s a time when, now more than ever, we need to press pause. If not for our own sake as parents, but even more so for our kids’ sake.

It is not an easy time to be a parent right now, on so many levels. On one level, the school year is in full swing and the rush of fall and winter holidays is upon us. Before we know it, we’ll be saying hello to 2019 wondering how 2018 managed to slip by us so quickly. Then there’s the much bigger level of trying to parent during a divisive political season, with kids hearing passing sound bites on the TV, on their social media feeds and in their school hallways.

It’s a great time as families to talk—and listen.

Let’s Talk: Theme

For our next Spoke Writing Challenge, the theme is “The Conversations We Need.”

Think about conversations you’d have with your kids or the conversations they’ve had with you. What do your kids need to hear from you? What do you want to hear from your kids? What are the conversations kids should be having with each other?

These conversations don’t have to be heavy or serious. Sometimes even the most important conversations we can have as parents could also be our funniest—or, at least, hilariously awkward. (Hello, the “talk.”)

Feel free to write about whatever you’d like as it relates to this theme, and make sure your post fits into one of our three Storytelling Categories: Real Talk, Rockstar Parenting and Parenting Humor.

The Deets

Three winning posts will be selected by our editors and based on quality, originality and page views. Each winner will receive $100 each for their original post. (Remember, only original posts are eligible for Writing Contest prizes.)

Entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. Pacific by Nov. 15, 2018.

Winners will be notified and announced the first week of next month.

Tell Us Your Stories

To enter, please use of the following Red Tricycle Article Code with your post: #conversation2018.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with for this Spoke Writing Challenge theme.

—Keiko Zoll, Spoke Contributor Network Editor