Sponsored Newsletter Specs

(email format subject to change)


ONLY Static .jpg and .gif images are accepted for newsletter products. Maximum 40K allowed.

  • 970 x 250 Static Units (2)
  • 800 x 315 Static Unit (1) – this must be different than the 970 x 250; have a Call-to-Action
  • 300 x 100 Static Units (2) – for mobile, one will be used in place of the 970×250 and the other in place of the 800×315
  • One Text Free Lifestyle Image 600x600px
  • Click through URL for all banners, photo and text
  • 50 words of copy to be edited by editorial staff


Third-Party Tags are optional, below are the requirements.

  • Creatives must be static.
  • Impression tracker (1×1) for each banner, photo and copy.
  • Click tracker for each banner, photo, and copy.
  • All Third-Party Tags should also be accompanied by detailed trafficking instructions.
  • If possible, allow back-end access to the back end reporting.


Creative units must be submitted via your client-specific Box Folder. Deadlines for materials for each ad product will be provided by your account representative. Following deadlines enables thorough time for the review period. Otherwise campaign launch may be delayed.
You will receive an email invitation to your Box Folder from Red Tricycle’s Box account. First time advertisers, will be given an opportunity to create a new Box account.

Contact am@redtri.com when assets are uploaded or for any questions.


Deadlines will be provided for all line items on an Media Plan by your account representative. Following deadlines and spec requirements is imperative to ensuring your campaign launches on time.

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