Springs French Music Lingua

Join Madame Barbara from Springs French Music Lingua for a unique program that teaches French to children 0-8+, using a fun mix of music, movement, art, drama and storytelling.

Did you know that there are many benefits to being bilingual or multilingual?  Give the gift of languages for a faster, more powerful brain – it’s true!  To get these benefits, however, you must start young – the earlier the better.  Even infants benefit from Music Lingua classes!

Classes are available online with at-home crafts for families to enjoy together.  Every week, families join Madame Barbara live on Zoom for more fun in French.  The learning is contagious!

Want to learn more?  Find out about on-going classes and where to find Madame Barbara on a screen near you!

-from Barbara Mills, Springs French Music Lingua
Phone: 5189285713
Online: http://www.springsfrench.com/find-a-language-class