Spring is here! The snow has melted, days are getting longer and everyone in your house is aching for the outdoors. The warmer days come as a relief to those of us who’ve been cooped inside all winter. More sunlight means more time each day to enjoy your family.

Here are seven suggestions for springtime activities you can do to enjoy quality time with your little ones.

1. Have a backyard campout.

The whole family can join in the fun! Go for a “hike” around your neighborhood, then pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy a night under the stars. Bonus points if you have a campfire and s’mores.

2. Go on a color scavenger hunt.

Is your little one learning her colors? Let nature be the teacher! Put several different colors on a sheet of paper and see if you can find each one in the natural world. Or, go on a “purple walk” (or any color of your choosing), and see how many objects of one specific color you can find. Enjoy the variety of nature’s palette.

3. Observe a frog’s life cycle.

A trip to a nearby creek can yield an opportunity to view the development of life up close and personal. Find a creek or pond and visit periodically over the next five to fourteen weeks (how long it takes for tadpoles to develop, depending on species). Watch the tadpoles turn into frogs—and while you’re at it, see what other changes occur in the habitat as the days get longer and hotter.

4. Plant a window garden.

Fill paper cups with soil, plant seedlings, and place in a sunny spot. Teach your child about plants as you water your seedlings each day; measure with a ruler to see how your garden is growing. Choose a fast-growing plant so you both can experience the thrill of seeing those first shoots poke through the soil.

5. Play an educational game or read with your child.

Just because your little one has a break from school doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Learning-centered apps can help your little guy learn about the changing seasons. Let him engage in educational digital play that will encourage him to create, explore, and use logic skills (while having fun!). You can also read books with your little one, or have him count the number of eggs in his Easter basket–there are endless ways he can get a “brain workout” and still have a blast.

6. Get crafty.

From dying Easter eggs to creating a bird’s nest out of yarn to making this bunny bookmark–there’s no shortage of spring-themed crafts for you and your little one to choose from. Explore your creative side and have some tactile fun.

7. Visit a local farm.

What could be cuter than seeing your little chick play with some little chicks? Find a local farm open to visitors where your child can interact with animals and learn about how things grow.

Here’s wishing you and your preschooler sunshine and fun as you enjoy the season.

Featured Photo Courtesy: HaiRobe via Pixabay