Plastic Easter grass does the job, but it never really goes away, does it? This year try an eco-friendly alternative that is as easy as it is cheap. Start today and in 2-weeks time you’ll have a basket’s worth of grass worthy of any little bunny.

wheatgrass green easter basket

You will need:

A basket or pail

Plastic bag for lining basket

Gravel or small stones

Potting soil

Wheatgrass seeds

How to do it:

Step 1. Line the basket with a bag to help keep the soil in and the water from leaking. (No need to line the pail).  Add a layer of gravel, around an inch thick. Because this isn’t a forever-project, don’t worry about drainage holes in the pail or poking holes in the liner. The gravel layer will help with drainage.

Step 2. Add the potting soil.

Step 3. Plant the wheat grass. Just spread an nice even layer of wheat grass and sprinkle just enough soil on top to cover.

Step 4. Spray heavily with a mister or water lightly. You want the soil to be very moist but you don’t want to sog out the soil (remember, there aren’t drainage holes). 

Step 5. Place near a sunny window. Spray or water every day.

Wheatgrass seeds sprout within 3-4 days or a week, depending on sunlight and other conditions like indoor temperature. Within 2 weeks you’ll have a basket lush enough to hide eggs and treats in. And afterward you can even let the cat nibble on it.

Have you ever sprouted your own Easter Basket? 

—Amber Guetebier

Photo credit: Suzie’s Farm via flickr