Jazwares recently announced the launch of a new Squishmallows brand extension—Squishville! More than 73 million of the wildly popular Squishmallows have made their way into homes around the world. Now your kiddos can add to their collection with the new line of mini plushes and more.

The Squishville lines includes two-inch mini-collectible plush characters along with vehicles, playsets and other accessories. While not all of the cute and cuddly collectibles are available immediately, by the end of the year your fam could nab all 150 characters.

Photo: Amazon

Laura Zebersky, president of Jazwares said, in a press release, “As momentum around the Squishmallows brand continues to thrive, we are thrilled to take this globally adored line to a whole new level with the release of Squishville.” Zebersky continued, “Squeezable and stylish with big personalities, fans will love these must-have additions which allow consumers to ‘Squad Up’ and ‘Squish In’ with their favorite Squishmallows.”

Squishmalllows Squishville line will launch with:

  • 24 styles of the Squishville Mystery Mini-Squishmallow with Fashion Item ($4.99)
  • 12 varieties of the Squishville Mini-Squishmallow with Vehicle ($6.99)
  • Three assorted varieties of the Squishville Mini-Squishmallow 4-Pack ($9.99)
  • Three assorted varieties of the Squishville Mystery Mini-Squishmallow 6-Pack ($14.99)
  • Four styles of the Squishville Mini-Squishmallow 2 Pack with Fashion ($7.99)
  • Five styles of the Squishville Accessory Set Assortment ($12.99)
  • Two styles of the Squishville Play Scene Assortment ($17.99)
  • Two styles of Squishville Fifi’s Cottage ($29.99).

You can score select items right now Amazon and Hot Topic. Claire’s will also carry the line (starting later this month) along with Walmart and Target (this June).

—Erica Loop



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