An Oakland, CA dad needed to come up with a way to bring a smile to his daughter’s face. When all else failed, he decided to create a special holiday unique to this time. That is how St. Pancakes’s Day came about. 

Ariel Dovas said, “A few weeks into COVID Quarantine, my seven year old let out a sigh and told me ‘Daddy, I just want something to look forward to.’”

That statement hit Dovas hard so he brainstormed with his daughter, Zetta, to come up with a new holiday to fill the gap.  

St. Pancake's Day

Working with Matt Garmur, Dovas created the St. Pancake’s Day origin story. They enlisted the help of illustrator, Adam Koford to create St. Pancake’s image. 

According to Dovas, “St. Pancake’s Day is a new holiday that can’t disappoint, because it only exists in this time.” Unlike other holidays, it doesn’t occur annually, rather you celebrate it on the last Saturday of every month. 

There are Instagram and Twitter pages set up where people can share photos of their pancakes using the hashtag #NewHolidays. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Ariel Dovas


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